Elena`s Things

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”im straight but dAMN”, a novel by me

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Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does

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My name is Liesel Meminger. I don’t have a family. Or even a place to call home. I never understood the meaning of the word Hope. But I’m about to meet the people who will change all that.

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bold your favorites


1. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper? 

2. Cats, dogs, horses, lizards or hamsters?

3. TV, cinema, computer, iPod or gaming console?

4. Rock, rap, pop, metal or punk?

5. Black, white, blue, red or green?

6. Salad, hamburger, ice cream, chips or fruit?

7. Kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school or college? 

8. United States, Canada, Australia, France or England?

9. Swimming, fishing, tanning, theme parks or camping?

10. Snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, sledding or ice skating?

11. English, math, science, history or art?

12. Gummy worms, lollipops, gum, chocolate bars or cotton candy?

13. Xbox 360, Gamecube, Playstation, Nintendo Wii or Handheld?

14. Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube or Google?

15. Cute guys, tough guys, smart guys, hot guys or this is dumb?

16. Flats, heels, uggs, flip flops or skater shoes?

17. Early morning, noon, early afternoon, late afternoon or evening?

18. Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen or attic?

19. Face-to-face, home phone, cell phone, instant messenger or twitter?

20. Skinny jeans, flared jeans, capris, shorts or skirts?

21. T-shirt, hoodies, tank top, tube top or halter top?

22. McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, Burger King or Dairy Queen?

23. Car, airplane, train, boat or walking? 

24. Coffee, tea, water, milk or soda? 

25. Drama, comedy, horror, action/adventure or thriller?

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Guy with a tray - the true hero of BH tbh

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get to know me meme — [3/5] favorite relashionships: ross and rachel

↳ “See? He’s her lobster!”

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Sam Claflin discussing ‘Love, Rosie’ and co-star Lily Collins and what it’s like filming a romantic movie

She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and to no city

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Not even by their mother.

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favourite pll outfits 
↳ emily fields (season four)

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